Timeline of Bangladesh after the sepration from Pakistan (1971 till 2023)


  • March 26: Bangladesh declares independence from Pakistan.
  • December 16: Victory Day, marking the end of the Bangladesh Liberation War, as Bangladesh becomes an independent nation.


  • January 11: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman becomes the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
  • December 16: Bangladesh adopts its first constitution.


  • August 15: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and several family members are assassinated in a military coup.


  • General Ziaur Rahman takes power in a coup and becomes President.


  • General Ziaur Rahman is assassinated, and his vice president, General Hussain Muhammad Ershad, takes over.


  • Ershad resigns after mass protests, leading to a period of political instability.


  • Bangladesh holds its first democratic elections since 1979, and Khaleda Zia (wife of Ziaur Rahman) becomes Prime Minister.


  • Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, becomes Prime Minister.


  • Khaleda Zia returns to power as Prime Minister.


  • Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League wins a landslide victory in the general elections, and she becomes Prime Minister again.


  • Bangladesh celebrates its 40th Victory Day.


  • The Rana Plaza building collapses, one of the deadliest industrial disasters in history, leading to increased scrutiny of labor conditions in the country’s garment industry.


  • Political violence escalates as opposition parties accuse the government of election rigging.


  • Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League wins the general elections, maintaining its hold on power.


  • The COVID-19 pandemic affects Bangladesh, leading to health and economic challenges.


  • Protests erupt over the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and issues related to India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).


  • Political, economic, and social developments continue to shape the future of Bangladesh.
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  • Timeline of Bangladesh after the sepration from Pakistan (1971 till 2023)

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